That’s how the Aruban people say “Welcome!” in Papiamento, Aruba’s native language. Come discover the friendly people, beautiful natural wonders, and hidden treasures that make our happy island, your happy island, One happy island! Arriving in Aruba, you’re sure to be greeted by friendly, helpful, and hospitable locals who are eager to show you around the One happy island and help you get into the vacation groove. They speak a lot of languages, so communication is no problem.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind, or seeking adventure and excitement, Aruba is chock-full of incredible things to do, making it the perfect destination for trips of all types. 


Beaches: where pristine white sand meets the turquoise sea

From watersports meccas to secluded coves sandwiched by limestone cliffs, Aruba’s breathtaking variety of beaches offers something special for everyone. You can put your toes in the powdery-soft alabaster sand and sunshine of Eagle Beach, Trip Advisor’s 3rd Best Beach in the World; snorkel the delicate reefs and shallow waters of Mangel Halto; or get away from the crowds and treat yourself to the quiet solitude of Baby Beach.


Tours: the only thing easier than navigating the happy island is letting a local show you around the Aruba they know and love

By land, sea, and even submarine, an organized group or individual sightseeing tour is a safe, authentic way for you and your family to explore every beautiful corner of Aruba. Experience the island like a true local, as you follow Aruban guides on off-road adventures to Baby Beach, beneath the waves to the wreck of the SS Antilla, or on horseback to Aruba’s hidden limestone coves. There’s no shortage of hidden gems to see, or friendly locals eager to share them with you.

Nightlife: when the warm Aruban sun sets, the cool evening breezes carry the sounds of laughter, dance, and Caribbean rhythms

Aruba’s nightlife is some of the Caribbean’s best. Our beachfront lounges, exciting casinos, and lively clubs make it easy to sip cocktails, share stories, dance, and play until the sun rises again. Jump into seaside bars in Oranjestad, try your luck at the casinos that line Palm Beach or let yourself go and find happiness during the weekly Carnival celebrations or at any of the dance clubs. How you play is up to you.


Dining: from traditional Dutch to Asian, African, and Spanish, dining options are as diverse and welcoming as the Aruban people

You can eat fresh fish straight from the sea, share a glass of wine at sunset with your toes in the sand, or indulge in classic Italian in the shadow of a century-old lighthouse. Aruba’s vibrant restaurant scene is your happy opportunity to sample delicious cuisine inspired by over 90 unique nationalities.


Shopping: Aruba is a shopper’s paradise, a haven for locally made crafts and international brands

Stroll through downtown Oranjestad’s bustling shopping area lined with jewelry, fragrance, designer stores, Dutch delicacies, Aruba aloe products and Cuban cigars. Or, peruse the colorful galleries, shops, and boutiques of San Nicolas and take an authentic piece of Aruba home with you. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.